A local’s guide on where to eat authentic Bolognese food

Bologna, Italy. All photos by author.

Where to go wine tasting on Mt. Etna and the island of Pantelleria

Palmento di Levante Vineyard on Mount Etna, Sicily

It’s a category, not a singular wine.

Georgian Orange Wine Made From The Tsolikouri Grape. Tbilisi, Georgia. Photo By Author.

Escape the rat-race and become more valuable for doing so.

Photo: Gozha Net/Unsplash

Windows of Opportunity To Take A Sabbatical

25 Podcasts That Can Help Change Your Life

Photo by Darío Méndez on Unsplash

You Are What (And Who) You Listen To

Sound Is Personal

6 ways to grow your network, knowledge, and self-worth

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Surprising Upsides to Expat Life During Coronavirus

Life Is Unpredictable

Get hard to find organic, biodynamic, and low-intervention wines delivered

Buy Natural Wine Online
Buy Natural Wine Online
Photo by Author

Drink Great Wine, No Matter Where You Live.

Tips To Help You Identify & Drink Better Wine

A Thirsty Traveler’s Guide To The Republic Of Georgia

Where is Georgia?

Meredith Gaffney

Founder of GrapeRevival.com, a natural wine & travel brand. I write about life lessons, personal growth, ex-pat life, & wine. Always curious. In Bologna, Italy.

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