Where to Buy Natural Wine Online

Get hard to find organic, biodynamic, and low-intervention wines delivered

Buy Natural Wine Online
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Drink Great Wine, No Matter Where You Live.

It’s not always easy to find small production, natural, biodynamic wines in your local wine shop. This is especially true if you don’t live in a large city or primary wine market. Luckily, with the help of the internet, natural wine delivery is now a reality.

I’ve tracked down the best online shops that specialize in small production, handcrafted wines from around the world, especially Europe.

Most of the recommended wine shops sell solely natural wines, except for some larger stores where you can simply use their filters to locate the natural wine selections.

Nearly all of the online wine shops below ship to every region or state within their respective country and some European shops can also ship to other European countries.

If you’re interested in more clarification on what natural wine is, please reference Raw Wine’s definition and check out my guide on how to know if a wine is natural, complete with association logos to keep an eye out for.

Now, go buy natural wine online!

Where to Buy Natural Wine in the U.S.

  1. Kermit Lynch — Great selection of classic French and Italian varietals. CA
  2. Chambers St. Wines — Wide and interesting variety of wines from around the world. NYC
  3. Astor Wines — Vast selection of boutique producers and big names at good prices. NYC
  4. Rock Juice — Sommelier service, natural wine club, and shop. CA
  5. Henry’s — Cool shop with hard-to-find wines from places like Greece, Slovenia, and Georgia. NYC
  6. Discovery Wines — Wide array of wines from nearly every producing country. NYC
  7. Stranger Wines — Excellent curation of biodynamic, organic, natural, no sulfur, and vegan wines. NYC
  8. Primal Wine — Wine club and shop focused on low intervention wines. CA
  9. Biondivino — Italian wine shop and club with packs perfect for gifts and celebrations. CA
  10. Natural Wine Company — Great selection of unique wines from around the world. NYC
  11. Helen’s Wines — LA wine shop in a pizzeria, focused on food-friendly, small production wines. CA
  12. Spirit Animal — Minimal intervention Brooklyn wine shop and club with tastings and education. NYC
  13. MYSA Natural Wine — Natural wine club and shop with a growing lineup of fun wines. DC
  14. The Natural Wine Shoppe — Shop and club with super interesting natural wines. NYC
  15. UVA Wines @ Cinch Market — Organic wine shop with some rare finds. NYC
  16. Organic Wine Exchange — Longstanding wine shop and club with great prices. CA
  17. Sip Wines — New shop featuring sustainable, boutique American wineries. CA.

Buy Natural Wine in Denmark

  1. Volatil
  2. Malbeck
  3. Vin Supernaturel
  4. GladVin by Rosforth & Rosforth

Buy Natural Wine in the Netherlands

  1. Funky Wines
  2. Wine Stories

Buy Natural Wine in Spain

  1. Decantálo
  2. Gourmet Hunters
  3. El Sumiller

Buy Natural Wine in the Czech Republic

  1. Winegeek.cz
  2. Veltlin

Buy Natural Wine in Austria

  1. Natural Wine Dealers
  2. Vinifero
  3. Vinonudo
  4. Weinskandal
  5. Orange & Natural Wines

Planning on Wine Travel?

Please visit our Natural Wine Bar Guides for Berlin, Bologna, Milan, Turin, and London.

If travel isn’t yet possible, check out our natural wine posters or wine t-shirts.

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Founder of GrapeRevival.com, a natural wine & travel brand. I write about life lessons, personal growth, ex-pat life, & wine. Always curious. In Bologna, Italy.

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